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A. Ganesan
Epigenetic Targets for Drug Discovery

Adelino Nakano
New concepts beyond photoprotection

Alexandre Steiner
Leptin: an 'anti-obesity' hormone that modulates host-defense responses

Ana M. Calvo
Regulatory mechanisms controlling mycotoxin production

Ana M. da Costa Ferreira
Molecular bases for the pharmacological properties of oxindolimine-copper(II) compounds

Ana Maria Carmona-Ribeiro
Biomimetic particles in drug and vaccine delivery

Bezhan Chankvetadze
Application of capillary electrophoresis to pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis of chiral drugs

Carlos Alberto Manssour Fraga
Discovery of Novel Heterotricyclic Prototypes Useful for Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Carlos Bloch Jr.
Analytical tools for molecule prospection and a novel approach to bioactivity screening

Claudia de Oliveira Rodrigues
Stem cell diversity and molecular basis for cardiovascular repair

David I. Watkins
T cell-based vaccines for HIV and Dengue

David Wink Jr.
Nitric oxide and Cancer, iNOS as an oncoprotein

Dietrich Volmer
Mass spectrometry based on biomarker discovery and application

Dinorah Gambino
Potential metal-based drugs for parasitic diseases: achievements and perspectives

Dulcineia S. Parra Abdalla

Elizabeth Igne Ferreira
Challenges of Medicinal Chemistry in the area of Neglected Diseases

Fakhreddin Jamali
Drug-Disease Interaction a cause of therapeutic failure and inter-subject variability

Helena Zerlotti Wolf Grotto
Iron metabolism and its importance for erythropoiesis

Heloisa Beraldo
Metal Compounds in Medicinal Chemistry

Hugo Cerecetto
Studying the mechanisms of action of new anti-trypanosomatid agents

Ivone Carvalho
Mimicking living molecules: new approaches for drug development

Jack R. Lancaster Jr.
cGMP-Dependent and –Independent Actions of Nitric Oxide in Tumor Progression

Jagdeep K. Sandhu
Therapeutic opportunities for antioxidants in the management of neurodegeneration: lessons from the application of water-soluble Coenzyme Q10 (WS-CoQ10)

Jason McConville

João Filipe Barroso
Challenges and perspectives in the safety evaluation of cosmetics

Jon Clardy

Jörg Breitkreutz
Towards child-appropriate drug formulations: Global development for paediatrics

Jorge Mancini Filho
Chemical and physiological aspects of trans conjugated fatty acids (CLAs) and conjugated linolenic acids (CLNAs)

Julian Blagg
The Discovery of Small Molecule Cancer Therapeutics through Academic-Industrial Partnerships

Lea Ann Dailey
Nanotoxicology for Nanomedicines: Why Standard Toxicology Assessments may not be Enough

Leandro Luiz Santos
Drug repurposing: an approach for saving resources yet not reinventing the wheel

Luisa Maria Sobreira Vieira Peixe
Carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae: a global perspective.

Madhuri Hedge
New approaches to DNA diagnostics: Microarrays and Next generation sequencing

Maria Cristina Nonato Costa
Structure-based ligand design for dihydroorotate dehydrogenase. An important step towards development of antitrypanosomal drugs

Maria Stella Figueiredo
Anemia of chronic diseases

Mark Searcey
New Natural Products as Potential Antitumor Agents

Oscar Della-Pasqua
In vitro - in vivo correlations and biomarkers of toxicity and safety pharmacology in early drug development.

Paulo Sergio Lacerda Beirão

Paulo Lee Ho
Trends in Adjuvant Development for Vaccines: DAMPs and PAMPs as potential new adjuvants

Pedro Ramos
Hepcidin: From the bench to the bedside

Peter C. Ford
Probing the reactivity of nitric oxide and nitrite with biologically relevant metal centers

Peter Sadler
Organometallic and photoactivated PRECIOUS metal anticancer complexes

Pieter C. Dorrestein
Capturing metabolic conversations with imaging mass spectrometry

Richard Cummings
Functional Glycomics and Biological Roles of Glycans

Rita Aleixo C. Tostes
Alternating phosphorylation with O-GlcNAc modification: an additional way to control vascular function?

Dr Rodrigo Panepucci
National Institute of Science and Technology in Stem Cell and Cell Therapy (INCTC): From Bench to Bedside

Roxane M. F. Piazza
Bacterial toxins as virulence factors and tools in cell biology and therapy

Sérgio Akira Uyemura
Classical and alternative components of the mitochondrial respiratory chain in Aspergillus fumigatus: Old proteins as potential new therapeutic targets

Silvia B. Toma

Sílvia Stanisçuaski Guterres
New trends in Nanocosmetics and Nanomedicines for skin care

Teresa Dalla Costa
Use of LC/MS in pharmacokinetic investigationThomas Radimerski
Innovation challenge and importance of industry/academia collaboration

Thomas Radmerski
Innovation challenge and importance of industry/academia collaboration

Vera R. Leopoldo Constantino
Nanocarriers of drugs based on layered inorganic materials

Vitor Tumas


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